Imagine this; what if there really was a conspiracy – and it was trying to keep you alive?

What if everyone was working to keep you safe from harm?

What if every seed in the ground and bird in the sky were singing: live, live, live.

What if there was a conspiracy of Joy?



And in other news, The Isle of Cats Kickstarter campaign is into its final 48hrs, which should hopefully gives the Cityverse Lair a few days packing time before Gen Con!

Although I am only watching from afar, the campaign has been truly fantastic, with more backers that the City’s core game – The City of Kings. One of the nerdy things which has been inspiring is seeing the steady uptick in new backers throughout the last 30 days. For those in the know, Kickstarter campaigns usually have peaks and troughs throughout: A great first 48hrs, and then a dip until the final 48hrs. This has not been the case with TIoC, which has been getting a steady 100+ new backers every day throughout!

A large part of that success has been due to the fans and social outreach of fellow gamegeeks spreading the word through their networks and at their local game tables.

For that, I know I can speak on behalf of all of those toiling at the Citverse Lair when I say: Thank you. This is what gaming is all about.

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