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City of Kings boxset
City of Kings boxset, by @BigTomCasual

The City of Kings, an [EPIC!!] fantasy cooperative boardgame has started its shipping, and is right now arriving on living room floors and kitchen tables as we speak! Sacred Crom, but that feels good to say.

It’s a brand spanking new fantasy world, brought to life by the unique art by Miguel Da Silva, where your choice of heroes go on quests (called Scenarios) before all hope runs out on the last city standing. Each scenario builds in complexity and threat as the game progresses, meaning that you can play one or two “easy” scenarios for a short session, or the more advanced scenarios for longer. Your heroes can be faced with a tide of monstrous creatures and armies from Lord Vesh the Darkhand, as well as finding unique setting-based magical items, or gathering resources for the poorly-stocked City of Kings.

And because it’s all about the community experience y’all, Mr. Frank has been releasing how-to’s and introductory videos on Youtube if you want to get a flavor of gameplay:

Here is a promo of the various characters of the game – can you guess which one is my favorite?

City of Kings Characters
City of Kings Characters

The City of Kings HQ

City of King twitter-call

City of Kings Facebook

City of Kings Sneaks in for a Photo Finish!
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