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Today being St. Patrick’s Day, and with half my family coming from ‘over the water I would like to wish all you good readers, kittlings & Drekheads slainte mhaith, or good luck & good health.

Slainte mhaith; slaa-n-jhe wah (Ulster dialect), or Slaww-n-Sha wah (most common).

And because the goodly Padraig also shares his feast day with Saint Gertrude of Nivelles (called the patron saint of cats) I will also share this titbit of disturbing news:

The Kitten now knows how to open cupboards…IS NOTHING SAFE!?

contumely: a harsh dressing-down, or insulting display of contempt in language or actions.

* Apparently most spotted in Shakespeare, and hardly ever used these days. As an aside: you might see from recent posts that I’m getting through a China Mieville book, so you can guess where this odd little fellow comes from!

** Double Aside: I am sure that Mr. Mieville is on a personal quest to sneak concatenation somewhere into every book. So far spotted in October once! 🙂


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