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Ghost Ontology: Out-takes & Preambles…

To not be a ghost.


Most Western thought teaches us that we are spirits mired in base matter, ghosts in the machine, prisoners of Phillip K. Dick’s Black Iron Prison – or even worse still, that the creature we think ourselves to be is nothing but an ephemera; a trick of time and matter. Descartes with his brain in a jar, Plato in his cave, that old Gospel song of throwing off our old bodies to be robed anew…

This is not a polemic against religion. Or philosophy.

I would rather this was a praise-song for that crude materia; that dirt that we have so long despised.

Matter; clay; corpus; dirt; earth; crud; weight; unformed; lumpen; gravamen.

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The angel of my better brain did a thing. Well, she did several things actually – winning the Sheppard Robson Fabric Design Award to get her ‘soundcloth’ into the new BBC Cardiff building, as well as winning Student of the Year for Textiles 2018!

That’s just how we roll, brah.

Her degree show focussed on the issue of homelessness and sustainable architecture and textiles as a response.

Way to go, champ 😉  Create an author website for free! Further your research! Reach more people! [but opt-in to a subscription service to see your work referenced]


Ptooie I say,


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