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09:32 Mind Wars


I’m hesitant to write of course – which is proper as the disgust cannot be felt deeply enough, nor can the empathy for the victims of 13:40, -43.53333 172.63333, 15/3/19.

Better voices that mine, those more intimately acquainted with Christchurch, NZ, reflect on the situation:

These demonic thoughts will persist in assailing both the living and the dead because they are alive, they are animate. And until we all complete the work of decolonisation, they will continue to find ghastly emissaries like this[…]

Gordon White of Rune Soup, The Thin Red Line newsletter.

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Salsa Apocalyptica

Waking up to hear the news that the country (or the Parliament, at least) is once again in a state of nervous breakdown [diverse alarums] isn’t anything new these days, not over this side of the pond or just about everywhere else.

I may have already spent most of 2019 looking like this:

Seriously, dude.


But anyway ~ the road is long, life is short, and there’s always the ever-burning coals of radicalism to keep one happy. There’s probably a paper to be written that this is what happens when you reduce the democratic impulse to a binary, once-every-few-years process. But whatevs. Frankie Boyle is back, and he sums it up much better than I ever could.

Future Astronauts are minimalist, soundscapey chill-cool. Their music is free and they support mental health charities, so go check them out.

….and, for those of you who are looking for signs of hope in these dark times – or at least for a few hours of adventure, fun, and smiting; The City of Kings reprint + Expansion Packs is into Fulfilment Week!! The games are being delivered to (I think) at least 4 continents, which is a thing which is cool. And pretty humbling.

Photo: one happy customer, by Jeremy Carney @jpcarnscout

Cat’s love The City of Kings. S’true.




And there shall be no barriers to a clear heart…

Troublesome Words would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Simon, Richard, and Rich, at the news that their jail sentences were successfully overturned today by hardworking Kirsty Brimelow QC.

It’s not often that you get good activist news, especially for those of us interested in environmentalism – but this one is a take-home, put-the-kettle-on, and play-some-loud-music with 😀

As you may have heard… Hydraulic Fracking is the latest extractive industry on the block, arguably designed as a means for generally small [ed. what they call ‘agile’ companies in the lingo…] industry firms to benefit from massive corporate backing, as well as state regulatory support to override local communities and democracies.

One of the principle ‘first’ sites for fracking company Cuadrilla in the UK has been the Preston New Road site in Lancashire (where the acts of civil disobedience took place) and has understandably become a focal point for the struggle against this industry. The license to explore and extract for natural gas was denied to Cuadrilla by the Lancashire County Council – but their ruling was ignored by the Home Secretary*

Manifestly Excessive

What you might be surprised to hear is what these three young gentlemen did – sit on the cab of a truck transporting fracking materials to Preston New Road site. That’s all.

There was no damage done to either vehicle or private property, no intimidating behavior, violence or threats of violence were ever displayed. They may have sung some songs.

For this tardiness the presiding Judge Altham at their original court case gave each of the men nearly a year and a half in prison (16, 16, and 15 months) in the first ever custodial sentence given to nonviolent, non-damaging environmental protests since the mass trespass of Kinder Scout, 1932!

It has since been argued that Judge Altham’s family connections to the shale gas industry may have influenced his decision. As it was, the Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett quashed those custodial sentences at Appeal Court today and instead gave conditional discharges to all three men, and is quoted by news site DrillorDrop as saying;

Immediate custodial sentences in this case were manifestly excessive.

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