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Active Player Network reviews The City of Kings

Ah gosh, Anne from Active Player Network recently did an amazing job of running through The City of Kings!

Got any questions about the game I scrobble for? Want to know what all that tile exploration and monster randomisation schtuff is about? Then fear not – by far one of the best introductions to the game yet, many thanks Anne and APN!


Spotted: Earthshaker & Old Kuma!

Dipping through the interwebs and I notice that Jonathan over at GeekDad has upped some City of Kings piccys from GenCon 2018. Thank you Jonathan!

The City of Kings minis at GenCon 2018 image (c) Jonathan H. Liu 2018,

GenCon, along with Essen in Germany, Airecon in Mother Ireland, and UKGamesExpo in rainy England are the places where designers and creators go to hang out and show off prototypes as much as sell any games.

Crazy things can be spotted, along with the downright eeeevil:

Jon Wrot of Gate Keeper Games did a bad thing. Image (c) Jonathan H. Liu 2018,

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