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Build Table: Stranger Things Additional

Thinking about that build we’re doing, and here’s a list of possible Stunts/Skills/Abilities for the Stranger Things characters.


Part 1: Core. | Part 2: Mechanics. | Part 2 Additional (this article). | Part 3:…


Skills vs. Stunts vs. Abilities

You’ll notice in Eleven’s draft character sheet (you can find it at the end of here) that we listed her template (Psychic, Runaway) as abilities, as well as adding a couple more; Loyalty and I Hate Liars.

This approach takes a leaf from the Fate Core system, and probably the rest of the tree from Clinton R. Nixon’s The Shadow of Yesterday. i.e; that Stranger Things abilities don’t have to be limited to such mundane things as Ride Chopper Bike or Climb. The characters do that kinda stuff all the time – it’s only in certain exceptional circumstances (hiding from the Demagorgon) that normal Americana-kid stuff gets air time. And a lot of the character abilities you see being tested are often less tangible things; motivation, character quirks, emotions… Joyce Byers goes pretty far out of the range there in Season 1 for a bit, but she comes back (with an axe!!) swinging and ready to take some names…

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