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Wow, you know that I said earlier that my relationship with wordpress was erratic at best? Well it seems that half of my plugins operate according to chaos theory… The ‘back’ and ‘forward’ post jumps lead to god knows whichever post they like (do they track inside their categories, instead of the whole blog?) and the Publicise sometimes communicates with Tumblr, but most often can’t be mivvered, or else will publish all of my posts from a month in one go… XD

But I kinda like it’s haphazard chic. Who needs functionality when you can have randomness anyway? Enjoy the confusion, comrades…

Hadal: of or belonging to Hades (the Greek mythological underworld); the deepest ocean depths (from 6,000 metres<); the hadopelagic zone (the furthest ocean reaches comprised almost entirely of deep-sea trenches).

Storifying is a lot like plumbing: if you don’t get it right, you’ll end up replumbing the whole thing.


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