Good morning Kittlings and Drekkheads! As some of you may know – The Isle of Cats landed just in the early days of 2020 – AHEAD OF SHIPPING SCHEDULE!! *

There were some special, secret set-up instructions included in the box, which some followed immediately.

While some others weren’t so impressed XD

Luckily, however – The Isle of Cats and the Cityverse is an inclusive and diverse place, with enough room for everyone, we feel…

There’s some play reviews and game talk of TIoC by Tantrum House (we made it into their Top 10!), Rahdo Runs Through, and Slickerdrips.

Thank you all so much for your continuing support and enthusiasm – I’ve said it before, but it really does mean a lot to everyone involved.

And if the Isle is something that you’re interested in, then there’s also our first, mother-game:

The City of Kings

And the second, smaller puzzley kinda game:

Vadoran Gardens

And something else on the horizon, too…

* Yesh - this was something that the City Towers is really pleased by! :)
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