In between tinkering with the new City characters, this patch of good weather has seen me out in the garden once again [At last!!]. Which is a glorious obsession in itself; the ordering, the clearing, the mulching, the pruning, and the planning for this season to come.

I’m late this year, partly thanks to THE STORM OF DEATH, but I have managed to bodge a new veg bed out of two pallets left over from last years mighty shed project. It’s got a couple of lines of elephant garlic already in place from the old, smaller bed, and you can see outside a selection of the saplings that I’ve been nursing. De-turfing and digging it out, I discovered that part of a garden had a clay pan underneath it – which explains why the lawn is always so waterlogged! – so a couple of buckets of that has now come out to use for future projects. Seed bombs? Lime-mortar? Garden-kiln?

As far as garden planning for 2018 goes – I’m going for a 3 Sisters kind of vibe (or maybe a 4 Aunts would be more accurate) for the main 10′ by 3′ bed. That means delighting over the Real Seeds catalogue, where I got our strain of Oca from a couple years ago.

Silian Oca

Because Real Seeds specializes in rare and heirloom varieties, I think I’ll be trying their Double Red Sweetcorn – last year our corn never ripened fully, but the year before that it did, so – fingers crossed!

Alongside that we’re ordering the Musquee de Povence ‘Cindarella’ pumpkin (because Cindarella’s are fab) and if we have room we’ll try their Burgess Buttercup squash. Add to that their Royal Burgundy purple french bean, the AidaGold yellow french bean, and a Cherokee Trail of Tears pole-bean. As you can tell, I love a bit of unusual colour in the garden.

Other than that, the onslaught of potatoes, broad beans, and peas. I keep on challenging myself how much produce we can get out of a fairly normal-sized garden. In the past we’ve managed a generous dish a day during August:

garden haul2


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