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Fantastic Territories


Netflix announced today that they are going to re:boot Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, and that got me thinking (unsurprisingly) about all of the different fantasy worlds that my life has travelled through. Not only Dark Crystal’s world of Thra of course, but Middle Earth, The Disc, The Six Duchies, Bas Lag, Earthsea; on and on…

Our heads are populated not just with the real, but a wealth of imaginal territories that we have visited. These territories sit peaceably beside each other, allowing barbarians and jedi-knights,or witches and wizards to all share prominant roles in our personal mythos. It’s an egalitarian thing, sort of a Community of All Worlds in our heads – kinda like the Federation but without all the moralising.

I can’t wait to get back to Thra, with all of those worries of someone returning to a foreign country: please don’t be different; but I wonder what new places I’m going to discover.


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