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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week

It shouldn’t just be a week, and for some* I know that it isn’t. Awareness Weeks and National Days always make me feel edgy and conflicted, as the net floods with messages of support with perfect pictures and memes, and I cant help but wonder what happens afterwards.

But for you, gentle reader, I wanted to say this:

There are people out there who understand. There are people out there who don’t understand, but who will try their best to. They will sit and listen, they will burble easy conversation that isn’t taxing or threatening or judging.

All the other people you don’t have to sweat over. Don’t give them the space in your mind.

But there are those out there who wont care how awkward or difficult or weird or ugly you feel. They will still treat you with respect, they will still like you. They will still stand at your side.

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Nuclear Refrain: Crowdfunder

Some of the creative team behind Singing For Our Lives are back, and this time their sights are set on global nuclear disarmament!

Nuclear Refrain is a crowdfunded project to develop writings, performances, and socially conscious art exploring nuclear weapons of mass destruction, (or MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction as it is known in the strategic literature) as well as nuclear power, nuclear waste, and particularly the UK’s upcoming Trident weapons system replacement.

Do we need nukes? Nuclear Refrain don’t think so!

What are they doing?


The City of Kings Comments & Player Reviews

I don’t know whether it’s considered bad form to post reviews of your own work, but these sorts of messages from players make my day. Thank you, all – I know that I can speak for Frank, Miguel, Sara and everyone else when I say it really means the world to see other people take The City of Kings and make it their own.

In other news – the Kickstarter is now into its final day! Remember that even if you can’t back right now, you can still pledge only £1 to get access to the Pledge Manager facility (which means you’ve got another month or two to chop and change which pledge donations you might finally want).


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