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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Came Back Haunted

Mythos has been a very pleasing discovery this week (airs on BBC R4), although, it does make me *really* wish the Beeb would sort out some kind of buy-on-demand service for radio…

It’s the brain child of writer-director extrordinaire Julian Simpson – who’s worked on Spooks, Dr. Who, and wrote the excellent Fugue State about neuroscience and multi-dimensional alien intelligences. Speculative weird-fic? Alien biologies? Conspiracies and psychology? Yes.

Mythos though, is a paranormal drama about folk-memories. And a secretive government agency. And ruptures in time. I wandered into it’s airwaves by accident yesterday, and was halfway through when I realized its really straight-up hauntology, right? But more directed at the past rather than the future.

[Personal Bonus: Mythos episode 1 is all about the Cunning Folk of Hadleigh, maybe some day I’ll tell you about that weird Hadleigh museum visit when I lived in that neck of the woods]

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