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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Today being St. Patrick’s Day, and with half my family coming from ‘over the water I would like to wish all you good readers, kittlings & Drekheads slainte mhaith, or good luck & good health.

Slainte mhaith; slaa-n-jhe wah (Ulster dialect), or Slaww-n-Sha wah (most common).

And because the goodly Padraig also shares his feast day with Saint Gertrude of Nivelles (called the patron saint of cats) I will also share this titbit of disturbing news:

The Kitten now knows how to open cupboards…IS NOTHING SAFE!?

The Language of Crows

Night-black; void-black; black as December-seas – crows can be encountered like silhouette cut-outs on a sunny day; you can’t expect them to move, to soar, to have life. They sit sentinel and watching. Maybe that is why this effusive bird has garnered such a dire reputation through the ages, from being the harbinger of death and the herald of war to even having the title ‘carrion’ appended to its name.

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Mercurial Ramblings 10/3/18

With the success of the 5 Star party in Italy’s recent elections (despite the fact that success might not actually convert into parliamentary power), the term ‘populism’ is being thrown about quite a bit these days. 5 Star joins such diverse groups as Syriza (Greece), Golden Dawn (Greece), both Bernie Sanders and Trump (USA), Momentum & Jeremy Corbyn (British Left), Nigel Farage and UKIP (British Right) and many more as having that ‘populist’ title appended to them.

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