I’m hesitant to write of course – which is proper as the disgust cannot be felt deeply enough, nor can the empathy for the victims of 13:40, -43.53333 172.63333, 15/3/19.

Better voices that mine, those more intimately acquainted with Christchurch, NZ, reflect on the situation:

These demonic thoughts will persist in assailing both the living and the dead because they are alive, they are animate. And until we all complete the work of decolonisation, they will continue to find ghastly emissaries like this[…]

Gordon White of Rune Soup, The Thin Red Line newsletter.

Lake Matheson

It feels like the whole goddam world is suffering from the same obscene malady. This is a cultural disorder. Fanaticism, fundamentalism, isolation and fascism. Can any one else see the sickening similarity between these supposed ‘lone wolf’ shooters, extremists, and religious fundamentalists? It’s like the very performance of mass killing is a cultural virus – no, not a virusa negative-culture parasite – a creature that is spawning across continents and doesn’t care if its hosts wave a black flag or a white one. Or whether they wave their guns under the banner of ethnonationalism or jihad or involuntary celibacy.

Seeing this break out in what is regarded as one of the most welcoming places on our little planet is a wake-up call.

But, but, but…

The only hope I have these days is that we humans have been at this game a while. At least 80,000yrs of ‘officially’ recognised culture – and with the exact same biological humans as you and me being around for much longer than that – 200,000yrs or so they say.

That doesn’t mean to say that we know what we’re doing. God, no.

But it does show that there have always been, and always will be, many more millions and billions of us uninfected by this parasite than those who are:

Lupin Flowers in Tekapo


Salsa Apocalyptica
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